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This email will be short, because the updated fmSQL Synch app worked flawlessly today. Tried couple of times as I did before, I can not break the synchronization. Besides my testings, the fmSQL Synch synchronization has kept pace with our Production users throughout the day. Needless to say, I am ecstatic.
Henry Chang - Pentagon Technologies
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fmSQL Synch v2.0b

fmSQL Synch is a utility to synchronize data from your FileMaker and (SQL) web databases. Data is compared on a record by record as well as field by field basis. Existing databases can be configured for synchronizing with just a few modifications. fmSQL Synch can also be used to migrate data to/from FileMaker and SQL databases.

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Two-way synchronizing
You can synchronize data from both FileMaker and SQL databases. Synchronizing includes updating changed records as well as adding or deleting records. Any changes made in your FileMaker databases are also made in your SQL database and vice-versa.
Field level conflict checking and resolution
Changes to records in both databases is compared on a field-by-field basis. Any records that have been modified on both FileMaker and SQL database since the last synchronization will have all change conflicts logged so you can choose which data you want to keep.
Setup Assistant
fmSQL Synch has been designed to be easy to use. The setup assistant will walk you through the steps of configuring up for your environment.
Easily integrates with existing FileMaker solutions
A few extra modifications to your existing FileMaker databases is all that you need to do. Once modified you can synchronize your FileMaker and SQL databases and control all merge conflicts.
Will create all the SQL statements for you automatically
After selecting which fields you want to synchronize in your SQL tables, you can have fmSQL Synch create all the SQL statements automatically. You can even let fmSQL Synch create the SQL tables for you which also makes it useful as a tool for FM->SQL migration.


  • OSX 10.2 or later
  • FileMaker Pro v7 or later (compatible with FMv8)
  • SQL Plugin v2.1.4 or later
  • JDBC driver for your SQL database

You will need the SQL Plugin from Rumora Automatisering en Advies. The latest version (at time of writing) is SQL Plugin 2.1.4. The plugin is commercial software but a demo version is available which you can use for testing fmSQL Synch. A demo copy of the plugin is also included in the fmSQL Synch package. If you purchase a copy of fmSQL Synch bundled with SQL Plugin, then you will receive a serial number to activate the SQL Plugin.

You will also need a JDBC driver for your database. fmSQL Synch has been developed for use with mySQL but any database which has a JDBC driver should work. The latest version (at time of writing) is MySQL Connector/J 3.1.12. The driver is free to download and its use is licensed under the GPL. The mySQL driver has been included in the fmSQL Synch package for your convenience.

Integrating with existing FileMaker databases

The fmSQL Synch software has been designed on top of the FileMaker templating system developed by Garrison Computer Services. It can also be integrated into existing FileMaker solutions. It is fairly easy to integrate existing FileMaker databases with fmSQL Synch. You will need to add a few fields, relationships, layouts and scripts to enable two-way synchronizing and merge conflict checking & resolution.

Pricing and Ordering

fmSQL Synch is bundled with a license for SQL Plugin. The beta version of fmSQL Synch is discounted to US$499; the release price is $699. Order now and save; upgrade to release version is free. Education pricing available upon request.

  • fmSQL Synch with SQL Plugin (beta), single-user - US$499
  • fmSQL Synch with SQL Plugin (release), single-user - US$699

To have unlimited transactions in fmSQL Synch you will need to purchase a serial number to unlock the software. You can place your order through eSellerate, Kagi or Paymate. Or if you prefer you can send an email with your details to sales@garrison.com.au. Note, no registration or sign-up is required to use Paymate.

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Version History

v2.0b12 - 7 Jan 06
partial support for running via FileMaker Server
updated some documentation pages
misc bug fixes
v2.0b11 - (internal release only)
configurable sort order for configs during synch run
date format now uses 'system settings' rather than asking which to use when different
improved support for MS SQL databases
minor bug fixes
v2.0b10 - 24 Aug 05
misc bug fixes related to last_synch and last_mod field comparisons
added config for minimum seconds between last_synch and last_mod (defaults to 1 second)
minor changes to Demo files to support new feature for v2
improvements to error handling; synching process should be more robust
v2.0b9 - 26 May 05
Features specific to FileMaker v7 compatibility
account name and password options
layout name option, custom names for 'update' & 'select' layout (needed for multiple table support)
field names options, custom names for primary_key, last_mod & last_synch fields
General Improvements
streamlined interface, much easier to manage and edit configurations
last_synch timestamp now saved for each record rather than each table, better accuracy in finding modified data (records don't have to be processed twice for borderline cases)
change FM field setup from repeating field to portal, allows virtually unlimited number of fields for each configuration
configuration groups, synching configs can be grouped together and run at different times
multiple SQL/JDBC configurations, each synching config can use a different SQL database or connection
debugging tools, help find cause of invalid data errors due to type mismatch or validation restrictions on 'update' layouts
option to specify field separator (eg. pipe "|") used by SQL Plugin for select queries
Bug Fixes
improved error handling for event handlers
reset error count when running more than one synch in a single session
v1.0.1 - 5 Apr 05
Added DEBUG code/logging to assist with finding 'set data' and related errors
Added support for varying SQL date formats (eg. mySQL, MS SQL, etc)
Bug fixes & additional support for US vs int'l date formats
Change IDParent in MergeConflicts and DeleteLog from number to text field type
Updated documentation
v1.0 - 15 Nov 04
Added Path option for FileMaker files
Fixed setting Path for demo files in Setup Assistant
Changed SQL placeholders from $01, $02 format to #01#, #02#
Removed dependancy on "Start Here" file
Added extra steps to Setup Assistant to make creating configs easier
Updated documentation
v0.9.2b - 18 Jun 03
Split demo and core files to separate directories
Updated documentation
v0.9.1b - 26 Apr 03
Fixed 'Find' layout; needed different field list
Moved 'get fields' and 'set sql' to tabbed layouts
Moved supporting scripts to fmSQL Synch app
Moved resolve merge conflict script to fmSQL Synch app (much more reliable)
Updated documentation
v0.9.02b - 20 Apr 03
Fixed bug with connecting to database during table creation in Setup Assistant
Changed Log SQL from global to config specific option
New option to preserve manually-edited statements when auto-generating SQL statements
Split Datasource option into two new options; Hostname and Database
Fixed field order for some of the demo configurations
Moved FldValidationOff option to Synching.fp5 (was in Menu.fp5)
Minor interface/layout tweaks
Updated documentation
v0.9.01b - 17 Apr 03
Added automatic table creation to Setup Assistant
Added automatic run of synching process to Setup Assistant
Added lots of questions to FAQ
Updated documentation (some pages were missing)
v0.9b - 15 Apr 03
Initial public release